Real Food Finds at Costco

I don’t know about you, but whenever I step foot in a Costco, I leave with about twice as many items as I intended to buy in the first place! On my latest trip to my local Costco, I decided I’d take pictures of all the real food finds that I came across while shopping! This is by no means everything, so stay tuned for Part 2!

Dried Fruit

Dried Apricot, Medjool Dates, Apple Chips, Dried Figs

Be careful with dried fruit! It’s so easy to overeat it since most of the moisture has been removed and it’s size can shrivel down to just a tiny morsel. All that natural sugar is still there though so watch those blood sugar spikes! I like to use dried fruit in homemade granola or trail mix. Remember to only consume what you would normally eat if it was the whole fruit. 


Frozen Wild Caught Salmon (Left), Canned Wild Caught Tuna (Upper Right), Uncured Bacon (Lower Right)

Since we purchase much of our meat in bulk from local farms, there are only a few items like this that we purchase at Costco. I’ll share much more protein option in Part 2!


Grain Free Granola, Almond Flour, Chia Seeds


Power Greens, Frozen Cherries, Frozen Broccoli, Baby Spinach

The fresh power greens and frozen cherries are staples in our smoothies! We also love adding power greens or baby spinach to our scrambled eggs or breakfast hashes, or simply make a fresh salad!


I love that Costco carries Kombucha! Brew Dr. is definitely my favorite brand!

So, what are some of your favorite finds at Costco?