nutrition coaching

Personalized Support. Designed Just For You.

How would it feel to trust your body again? …or for the very first time?

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or you’ve been dealing with your chronic inflammation for years, you might be feeling like your body can’t be trusted.

I’m here to guide you back to trusting in your body so you can feel like YOU once again!

Through gentle nutrition and lifestyle support, you’ll discover what YOUR body truly needs to heal.

Looking for Personalized Support?

Here’s how I work with my individual clients:

Jump-Start Session

These 90 minutes sessions are ideal for helping you gain clarity of your potential nutritional deficiencies and building a starting plan to help you heal your body.

Session Includes:
  • Nutritional Assessment to determine deficiencies that correspond to varying systems in the body.
  • Food Journal Review to get a snap shot of your current eating habits as well as how foods may affect how you feel throughout the day.
  • Health History to gain greater understanding of your past experiences and current goals for your health.
  • Building blocks of your personalized nutrition plan to begin your path to better wellness. Plan will include dietary and supplemental recommendations.

Vibrant Health Coaching

This is a 3-month private coaching package to help you experience long-term healing.

Package Includes:
  • Jump-Start Session
  • (7) 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions (3 weekly, followed by 4 bi-weekly)
  • Discounts on recommended nutritional supplementation
  • Email or Voxer support between sessions
  • Additional Follow-Up Sessions available at a discount

To explore working together, schedule your free 30-minute health strategy session!

“I initially started seeing Suzie because  I just felt tired and unfocused most of the time and because I have auto-immune and digestion issues. Since working with Suzie I feel  SO MUCH better. I have energy, my digestion is great, I don’t fell the grogginess that I did before. I thought that because everything in life seemed like a chore that I was getting old. I don’t feel like that now. I have learned so much! I think everyone can improve their health and with the support and tools I received it has been easy. The changes we have made together are something that I plan on maintaining for life.”  ~Jan

Looking for a group setting?