Autoimmune Coaching

Find joy in your life and food again!

Gentle nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you manage your autoimmunity with ease.

When you received your diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, what came to mind for you?

  • A lifetime of medication?
  • A lifetime of pain and fatigue?
  • A lifetime of restriction?
  • Maybe you’re not even sure what it means!

Oof… that’s some heavy stuff to carry, isn’t it!? If you’re like the majority of clients I work with, you may be feeling like you can’t trust your body anymore. After all, it feels like it’s been working against you for so long!

What if it all didn’t have to be so damn heavy?

…I had an understanding community that had my back?
…I trusted my relationship with my body?
…I didn’t beat myself up for not being in perfect health?

(PS Perfect health doesn’t exist…)

Your autoimmune disease does not have to define the rest of your life!

Welcome to Gentle Beginnings

A place for you to start your autoimmune healing journey at a pace that feels good to you

This 4 week workshop includes:
  • 4 Weekly Live Online Sessions
  • A Workbook to Guide You on Your Journey
  • Lifetime Access to the Workshop Materials
  • Lifetime Access to a Private Community for Support
Autoimmune Coaching

“The workshop helped me really focus on the small things I can do and not being overwhelmed with the strange word of my diagnosis in front of me. It’s been really helpful.”  ~Erin

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There are plenty of protocols to follow to manage your autoimmune symptoms, and they mostly require you to dive into the deep end of restriction. That can be a lot to take on, and isn’t very sustainable!

Let’s be honest… You’ve probably dieted before, right? And I’m going to guess it likely involved a strict set of rules that had to be followed perfectly. At one point or another, you found yourself tired of so much restriction and gave up.

How do we expect a highly restrictive diet centered around healing to be any different?

I invite you to try something different.

During our 4 weeks together, you’ll learn how to support your body to decrease inflammation – the root of autoimmunity.

The core of our work together will center around connecting with your body, managing your life stressors (emotional and physical), and gentle nutritional support.

Autoimmune Coaching

We’ve been taught for so long to look outside ourselves for the answers when it comes to our bodies. While guidance is essential, you and your body ultimately know what’s right for you. Period. Through Gentle Beginnings, you will learn how to connect with your body once again. Your body is giving you all the information you need to determine what is best for you! I’ll help you learn what your symptoms mean for you so you can provide that support your body has been asking for.

Autoimmune Coaching

We go through our days with a ton of stressors that could be keeping us from experiencing healing for ourselves. From our work environment, to home, the foods we eat, the movement we participate in, and beyond. There’s a lot going on! Does that mean you need to resign to living in a bubble? Absolutely not! I’ll help you discover where you can create lifestyle habits that will support your body to heal.

Autoimmune Coaching

No strict, one-size-fits-all protocols here! You’ll discover how to support your bodies natural ability to heal with nourishing foods. You will also learn why your body may be responding the way it is, and how to give it what it really needs. By focusing on what you can add, not simply restricting foods, you’ll discover foods that help you feel your best!

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I’m Suzie Bauer

…and I remember what it was like to live with pain each and every day. I spent years hearing my health care providers explain away my symptoms. I began to feel that my pain wasn’t real, and it was all in my head. That was until I finally got a real explanation for why I was feeling the way I was. It was Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I continued down the common path of looking to outside sources to “fix” what I thought was a broken body. After years of traditional solutions that didn’t feel complete for me, I decided there had to be more I could do. I started playing a bigger role in my healing and immersed myself into holistic approaches to healing.

 As someone that had spent a lot of time dieting in my life, I did what I always did. I jumped right into a restrictive anti-inflammatory diet. It was HARD. I felt like a failure every time I ate something “bad” and I’d beat myself up for it. It didn’t take long before I saw that a lifetime of this on-and-off cycle sounded like the absolute worst! That’s when I decided I could take this at a pace that felt much more doable for me. I removed the guilt from eating things I had previously told myself were bad, and I focused more on the healing support I could add in. This approach ultimately helped me find a pain-free life that I could manage gently and without a controlling death grip!

You can skip over the restriction and heal your body in a way that works best for you! I’m here to help you do just that!

Do I need to have a diagnosed autoimmune disease to participate?

You do not have to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to benefit from this workshop. If you are dealing with chronic inflammation or pain, this is a great place to start your healing!

Does this workshop replace medical interventions?

This workshop is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

What if I would like more support?

If you’d like to dig deeper, and receive more individualized support, you can schedule a free health strategy session with me here.

What if it doesn't work? Do you offer a refund?

I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone. Healing takes time and is highly individual! If you engage in the workshops, apply what you learn, and be open to trying new things you will experience shifts in your body over time. If you’re still not sure if this workshop is right for you, feel free to email me at [email protected] or schedule a free health strategy session with me here.

Have more questions?

Feel free to email me at [email protected]