Do you trust your body?

If you’re like the majority of my clients with an autoimmune diagnosis or chronic illness, you’ve learned over the years that you can’t trust your body.

You’ve been taught to only look outside of yourself for the answer and unless you have a medical degree, you don’t know your body or how to support your body, let alone heal it.

Everywhere you look, there is another program or person claiming to fix you, and many of them seem to conflict with one another. It’s enough to leave you thoroughly confused and still feeling like crap in your body!

I invite you to take a breath.

Breathe another possibility into that amazing body you have. Even if it feels like your body has let you down. Even if your body is a painful place to reside right now.

managing autoimmune diagnosis

I’m Suzie Bauer and I know what it’s like to not want to be in my body because of pain.

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My whole life, my pain was explained away for me:

  • “You’re just stressed.” (when I was working a lot of hours in my very demanding engineering job)
  • “It’s just because you are so active.” (when I was a teen and riding horses everyday…)
  • “It’s just growing pains,” was the response to being plagued with pain as a child.

After years of this messaging and still experiencing daily aches and pain, I had enough. My body shouldn’t feel like this. There had to be something going on!

There was… I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

That diagnosis was the beginning of finding peace and understanding with my body.

From immunosuppressant medications to stress management and nourishing foods, I began to experience real change in my body.

  • My pain drifted away.
  • My energy came back.
  • My relationship with my body began to heal.
  • I welcomed in a life I didn’t think would be possible.


Today, I’m here to help you heal your relationship with your body through gentle nutrition and lifestyle support.


You’ll uncover your body’s innate wisdom and empower your health with what truly works for you vs a strict protocol that’s supposed to work for every body.

I’ll be your guide, equipping you with the resources, support and knowledge to help you take back your health and live a life beyond your diagnosis or simply coping with your symptoms.

And… you’ll enjoy delicious food all along the way.

If you are ready to do something different and want to feel better, let’s connect.

Your first step to healing is a complimentary call with me to explore your health from a new lens.

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