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It’s easy to believe that products marked as “all-natural” or organic are safer than conventional products. Unfortunately, these terms mean nothing when it comes to makeup, skincare, and household cleaning products.


There are more than 85,000 chemicals registered for use, with more hitting the market each day. Less than 1,000 have publicly available safety data, and even less have been accessed for their effects of children’s health and development.


You and your family deserve so much better than this!

It’s not just about food…

When I began incorporating more nourishing foods into my life to help heal my autoimmune disease, I didn’t realize that the food was just the beginning.

I began incorporating more natural makeup and skincare products, but was underwhelmed with their performance. Plus, I had no idea that these seemingly natural products may not even be safer than their conventional counterparts!

That’s when I really dug in to find products that worked for my skin and my home that were also so much safer for me. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’m here to support you in finding what works best for you and your budget, too!

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I joined Beautycounter in 2016 to help my clients, family and friends get their hands on safer products. What I didn’t realize I would gain from this experience was a supportive group of women (and men) all passionate about health and cheering each other on in this mission of safer products for all! Plus, this business has providing me with more financial support and time to do the things I love most.

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Quick Guide to Safer Cleaning

Quick Guide to Safer Cleaning