nutrition coaching for autoimmune diseases

Find joy in your life and food again!

Gentle nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you manage your autoimmunity with ease.

There is no Shame in this Food Game

Together, we can move beyond the food rules to a place of freedom, joy and healing.
Move beyond food rules

How I Support My Clients

One on One coaching - nutrition and autoimmune disease

1 on 1 Consulting

Personalized support, designed just for you. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or you’ve been dealing with your chronic inflammation for years, I’m here to guide you back towards healing and BEING YOU.

group coaching - nutrition and autoimmune disease

Group Coaching

Newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and unsure where to start with your healing? Join a group of your peers and begin your healing journey together!

Non-toxic living - nutrition and autoimmune disease

Non-Toxic Living

Building a non-toxic lifestyle doesn’t have to be so complicated! Come see how you can incorporate safer products for you and your family.

Schedule a Complimentary Health Strategy Session

Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster? Join me for a FREE Health Strategy Session so we can get crystal clear on how you can live a healthy and joyful life filled with delicious, nutrient dense foods!

Nutrition and autoimmune disease

Praise for Nutritional Therapy