Have you ever thought that what you’re doing to improve your health isn’t good enough? That maybe if you just tried harder, got stricter, THEN you would see improvement?

It happen so often. Someone believes that they need to restrict more foods and “hack” the crap out of their diet and lifestyle in order to find healing from their chronic health issues. They cut more and more foods and feel more and more deprived. They see others enjoying a particular food and they cry to themselves or to their loved ones about not being able to eat that food. They just need to dig deeper and find that magical food or supplement that will solve all their problems, because obviously they’re not doing this right yet. They just need to buckle down and try harder.

How do those words feel? Do you feel it in your body? Where do you feel it?

For me, I feel it like a pit in my stomach. My breathing gets shallower and I begin to feel anxious. It’s so heavy.

What if going harder wasn’t really what you needed?

What if you took a break from all the digging, the obsessing, the worry, the need to do things “perfectly”?

What if you accepted where you’re at right now without feeling the need to change anything?

That might even cause you some anxiety if you’ve been doing this “go hard” thing out of habit.

Just breathe.

That stress you got going on has been working against anything you’ve tried to do to find healing.

Your body isn’t a ticking time bomb. You can take a break; even if it’s just for a bit.

It’s amazing what clarity and simplicity you might find!

I’d love to hear from you if this resonates with you! Heck, maybe it doesn’t. Let me know about that, too! How does the idea of rest and acceptance feel in your body?