Building your Root |

It’s truly amazing how interconnected we are with nature! One way in which we are connected is through the four physical elements in nature – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These elements are the driving force behind many systems in our bodies, both physical and emotional. That’s really at the root (ha!) of what drove our desire to share these elements with you in the Elemental Harmony Retreat! Instead of fighting nature, let’s harness it’s power to build healthy bodies and minds for a more joyful life experience!

My retreat cohost, Amber Moore of Yoga Pravaha, and I have been sharing how these four elements are tied to our bodies through mindfulness, movement and nourishing foods.

In our first video of this 4-part series, we discussed building your root and the element of Earth. Earth is grounding, providing us stability and security. It is tied to the energy of our immune system, our bodily structure and our adrenals. Check out our video below to learn more about how to build a healthy root in your body!

After watching the video, what is one thing you can incorporate into your life to build your healthy root? Share in the comments below!

On Sunday, July 8th at 11am PT, we’ll be going live to share Finding your Flow – the connection to the element of Water. Head over to Facebook to stay connected and see our live videos at The Tasty Remedy and Yoga Pravaha!

If you’d like to join us in Chelan Washington for the Elemental Harmony Retreat¬†on October 18-21, you can learn more and reserve your stay by visiting our retreat page!