Praise for Nutritional Therapy

“I suspected that there had to be a connection between balancing my hormones, lowering my blood sugar, gut health, and autoimmunity. But traditional doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I asked. And the Functional Medicine doctors I visited wanted over $5,000 + $200+ per month for supplements to help me figure things out.

This is AFTER spending thousands of dollars already out of my own pocket on a variety of practitioners and experimenting with supplements.

It was frustrating and I was starting to feel hopeless.

When a friend recommended that I reach out to Suzie, I was ready for something different and also skeptical because of all of the things I tried.

And wow are things now different as a result of working with Suzie.

The quickest shift I saw was I was actually SLEEPING!!!! I cannot tell you what a relief this is (or if you are reading this and sleep isn’t going so well, then you know exactly what I mean.) I now fall asleep within 20 minutes. It’s been over a decade since I’ve done that!

My gut health is dramatically different – before it didn’t matter how I ate, I would be bloated and just felt awful – not to mention being constipated often. [Don’t worry, it’s okay to talk about bowel movements here. :)]

The brain fog that was just growing accustomed to is gone. I have more energy than I’ve had in years.

And as it turns out, yep – there IS a connection between all of the symptoms I was experiencing.

Lastly, the benefit that I was not expecting was a deeper connection to my body and releasing the stigma that healthy = being thin. I cannot even begin to tell you what this has done for me. To have my health be truly about health and not fixated on the number on the scale is liberating beyond words. I’m now the person who makes her own bone broth and genuinely enjoys making nourishing food that tastes amazing. Suzie’s encouragement and recipes are just a bonus to everything I’ve healed and changed in my health.

Suzie, I’m so glad I have you in my life. “


“Working with someone who can advise you on nutrition, instead of just having a meal plan that you don’t learn anything from, has been the most valuable. I am looking at diet as a collection of foods that, primarily, my body craves and, secondarily, can become the things my mind will crave more as I eat them.”

“I initially started seeing Suzie because I just felt tired and unfocused most of the time and because I have auto-immune and digestion issues. Since working with Suzie I feel SO MUCH better. I have energy, my digestion is great, I don’t fell the grogginess that I did before. I thought that because everything in life seemed like a chore that I was getting old. I don’t feel like that now. I have learned so much! I think everyone can improve their health and with the support and tools I received it has been easy. The changes we have made together are something that I plan on maintaining for life.”

“Through the info gathering questionnaire and consults, Suzie put together a comprehensive, yummy, nutritional plan, that met all my needs, and those she felt I may have overlooked. Recipes, tips, and support was there. She has a wealth of nutritional knowledge, ideas and patience. No magic wand. I had to do my part too. Some changes took time, some were easy, some not. Once I started to feel healthier, it gave me more incentive to add to my health. My Whole life Health.”

“I feel GREAT! No bloating, indigestion, gas or any uncomfortableness and my skin has cleared up immensely!”