How do you start your day? |

Let’s chat about what is arguably the most important meal of the day, and also the one that gets opted out of the most! Breakfast!

Have you been skipping breakfast or grabbing something fast on the go?

Our breakfast sets the stage for how we feel for the rest of the day. If you’re starting with sugars and refined foods, like flavored coffees and pastries (or cereals, breads, etc.) you’re only getting a quick burst of energy for your body, with little to no nutrition. You’ll soon find yourself looking for the next thing to eat!

So what would be a better option for breakfast?

As a starting point, I recommend building your breakfasts around proteins and fats first, and adding in carbohydrates (from veggies or some fruits) last. The fats and proteins will be longer burning fuel source for your body than the carbs will.

I know what you’re probably thinking though… I don’t have time to cook breakfast every morning!

It’s all good. You don’t have to cook every morning. I promise!

Hear are some easy make-ahead ideas for breakfast:

  • Frittatas and breakfast casseroles! This is great way to add in a ton of veggies with your eggs. Check out these options from my website: Sausage, Mushroom & Leek Frittata with Sweet Potato Crust and Simple Breakfast Skillet.
  • Leftovers from your dinner. Breakfast doesn’t need to look like a traditional breakfast!
  • Soup. In the spirit of leftovers for breakfast, why not enjoy a big bowl of homemade soup made with your own gut healing bone broth!?
  • Hardboiled eggs. You’ll likely need 2-3 of these, and you can pair them with some veggies, or another protein. Pre-cook some bacon or sausage patties like these Chicken Apple Sausage Patties or Maple Breakfast Sausage!
  • Salad. Be sure to load up your greens with health fats and proteins (hardboiled eggs, avocado, nuts & seeds, meat (like leftover proteins from dinner, or some clean deli or cured meats), etc.) and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic. Opt for a variety of greens for more nutrients, and not just using romaine and iceberg lettuce.
  • Hash. This is a great place to take some leftover meats and veggies and combine them into a tasty one-pan dish! My husband and I really enjoy having this hash on-hand during the week!
  • Chia Pudding. This is basically just chia seeds and milk (again, full fat coconut milk is a good choice here) kept in the fridge at least overnight to set. You can doctor it up with some vanilla extract, cinnamon, top it with fresh or frozen berries, and some nuts and seeds. If you’re a chronic yogurt eater, this could be a good replacement for you!
  • Smoothies. You can add in lots of greens here with healthy fat sources avocado, or coconut, almond and cashew milk. Just be careful on those ingredients lists on store-bought nut milks. This is a product that usually has some odd and unhealthy ingredients added. You can boost the protein in your smoothies with the addition of some gut healing collagen peptides. (This is the one I use and recommend.)

Interested in more of my recipes? Check out the Breakfast recipes on my website, or pick up your own copy of A Brunch for the Season: Winter

I’m a big advocate for meals you have to CHEW! This is a vital part to your digestive process for signalling all those wonderful gastric juices necessary for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from our food. If you opt for drinking your meal, make sure you chew before swallowing!

Do you have a favorite go-to healthy breakfast that you enjoy? I’d love for you to share it with me! You can comment below, or even join us over in the Remedies for Health Facebook group and share it there! You might find some great ideas from the rest of the group, too!