how breathing deeply can revive your health |

Take a moment to notice – How are you breathing? Are you breathing in calmly and deeply, or is it quick, short breaths?

The simply act of breathing can revive your energy and pump healthy, oxygenated blood all throughout your body to where it’s needed!

In our video series Elemental Harmony, Amber Moore (of Yoga Pravaha) and I have been sharing how the four physical elements are tied to our health through nourishing foods, mindfulness and movement.

Our fourth video is all about the element of Air, and how it supports our mind and body. Air is the element of clear communication and self-expression, influencing your ability to act from a place of compassion and self-love. Check out the video below!

After watching the video, what is one thing you can incorporate into your life to build a practice of compassion and self-love? Share in the comments below!

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