Do you think about food as fuel for your body, or something to just takes those hunger pangs away?

Food is incredibly powerful! Depending on the foods you choose to eat, you can either be giving yourself fuel to sustain your energy and nourish your body, or it can be robbing your body of vital nutrients and causing your energy to fizzle out.

Think about your typical day… As you’re going through the motions, do you ever notice your energy tank between meals? I see this pattern often. There will be an initial boost of energy directly after the meal, then your energy plummets to earth. This pattern can continue all day without your energy ever leveling out! It’s pretty exhausting to deal with day in and day out! If this is sounding familiar to you, I encourage you to check out a post from the archives: Are you on an Energy Roller Coaster?

This idea of how we fuel our internal fire was the topic of our third video in the Elemental Harmony Series. Amber Moore of Yoga Pravaha joined me to share how we can fuel our bodies with not only the foods we eat, but also with our mindfulness and movement practices.

Check out the video below!

After watching the video, what is one thing you can incorporate into your life to fuel your fire? Share in the comments below!

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