Brunch Cookbook

I love brunch. I really do! Planning, cooking and eating – I love it all! Sharing a casual, comforting meal with friends, and a little adult beverage before noon? What’s not to love?

When I started my real food journey, I found myself turning into a bit of a hermit. Not knowing where and what I could eat seemed to make dining with friends and family so stressful. As I began to learn more about what foods were right for my body, I found a renewed appreciation for cooking. By inviting others into my home, I could create meals centered around nourishing whole foods that were not only healthy for me, they were healthy for everyone at the table!

I wrote A Brunch for the Season: Winter as a tribute to my favorite meal and a nod to my renewed sense of community by sharing food around the table.

Cooking with real, whole food ingredients can come with a hefty price tag, especially if you’re using ingredients that are out of season. Fresh strawberries in the wintertime are not only hard to find, but those that are available likely had a long journey to get to your door and will have you seeing dollar signs. That’s why this book is filled with ingredients that are readily available in most parts of the U.S during the winter. Supporting your local producers, when possible, is good for the environment, your community and your health!

Brunch Cookbook

A Brunch for the Season: Winter

25 Grain-Free Recipes for Seasonal Entertaining

This eBook features:

⇒ 25 grain-free, dairy-free and soy-free seasonal recipes

⇒ 18 egg-free recipes

⇒ 17 nut-free recipes

⇒ an interactive Table of Contents to get you right to the recipe you want

⇒ time saving tips & tricks for stress-free hosting

⇒ multiple menu options to spark your creativity

Not only are these recipes fantastic for your next brunch, but they would also be a great addition to any meal – anytime!


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