One of the first things new clients always seem to ask me is this: “Are there any healthy snacks I can buy to have on hand?”

Thankfully, the answer is YES!

Here are my go-to recommendations for healthy, packaged snacks. I have chosen these because they carry a good amount of protein and fat with them and aren’t made up on sugary ingredients and grains. They also don’t require refrigeration or utensils so you can keep them wherever you might need a snack; your desk, your car or just carry in your bag.

All these snacks can be purchased online from either the company itself, through Amazon or Thrive Market. You can also find them at local stores. I recommend visiting the websites below and finding their store locator so you know where to find them near you.

7 Packaged Snacks that are Actually Healthy

Epic Bars

These days, Epic has a lot of different products to choose from. While they’re all pretty awesome, for the benefit of this post, I recommend meat bars, bites and strips.


These bars are made with nuts, seeds, dates, and egg white protein and have a lot of flavors to choose from. I recommend avoiding the flavors that contain peanuts, as those can be problematic for many people. If you find yourself reaching for these like they’re candy or dessert, you may want to cut back or avoid them completely.

The New Primal

The carry meat sticks and jerky that are really tasty.

Primal Kitchen Protein Bars

There are now several flavors to choose from. The Dark Chocolate Almond bar is my favorite. The protein in these is from collagen peptides.

Vermont Meat Sticks

Another option for meat sticks.

Nick Sticks

Yup, another option for meat sticks! These are nice because the serving size is larger than the other options above.

Almond Butter Packets

These squeeze packets are great to either enjoy alone, or pair them something else, like an apple!


Did you notice there are 3 different meat sticks I shared? There’s a reason for that! For one, they make a great protein rich snack, and two, if you’re looking for something local, you may be able to find at least one of these brands. Mkay? Great!

So, happy healthy snacking to you!